200 Hours Basic Teacher’s Training Course (BTTC)

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200 Hours Basic Teacher’s Training Course (BTTC)

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200-Hour Yoga Basic Teacher’s Training Certification (BTTC) is a training course that prepares and certifies students for teaching Yogic Techniques to normal healthy adults and school children. It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga. It’s a part-time non-residential program that goes for 7 weeks, Monday to Saturday. Sundays are holidays. This course is available offline (on campus) only. The schedule & timings for the upcoming batches are mentioned below. To know our Online TTC schedule please visit our headquarter’s website: www.theyogainstitute.org


The syllabus consists of an introduction to the history and background of Yoga and Yoga practices e.g. Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas with their related benefits, limitations and contraindications, methodology and lesson planning, and public speaking, diet and Yogic hygiene, essentials of Anatomy & Physiology, communication, and teaching skills. Study of selected Yoga Sutras and Introduction to Hatha Yoga is also a part of the curriculum.


Apart from the above we also teach the students some unique techniques and concepts that are pioneered by the founder of our institute. Our BTTC, Raipur faculty is highly trained and experienced to impart this knowledge to the students. His 10+ years of experience and dedication to Yoga philosophy make the classes interesting and engaging.


Students will have a certificate on successful completion of the teacher’s training course. A certification ceremony is organised on the last day of the course for students who pass the examinations.


Successful students will also be eligible to appear for the YCB (Level 1) certificate, conducted by the YCB (Yoga Certification Board- set up by the Ministry of AYUSH, GOI). The Yoga Institute is accredited by the Government of India (Ministry of AYUSH) and was the first Yoga school to be accredited after the AYUSH scheme was launched.”


Why 200 Hour Yoga teacher’s training course Is The Most Famous

This is a RYT 200-hour Yoga teacher’s training course, fully accredited with the Yoga Alliance USA and the participant is eligible to apply on the Yoga Alliance site as a Registered Yoga Teacher.


The Yoga Institute believes in adopting Yoga as a way of life. The Yoga Institute not only teaches the Yogic Philosophies but also encourages the student to accept it as a culture of consciousness and science of awareness. The Yoga Institute Raipur conducts a 200 Hours Yoga teacher’s training course. This course prepares as well as certifies the students for conducting and teaching Yoga classes to normal healthy adults and children. This teacher’s training course is all that you need to conduct your own classes, to help the well-being of others.


The syllabus is designed in such a way that it covers both – practical as well as theoretical aspects of Yoga. It will introduce the subject right from scratch, like the background and the history of Yoga. It will also prepare you with Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, and equip you with the knowledge of the benefits, limitations, and contraindications. In order for you to successfully conduct your own classes, we also mold you into teachers. We will help you with the methodology, and lesson planning, groom you for public speaking, have lectures on diet and basic Yoga hygiene, and polish your communication and teaching skills. All the subject matters are backed up by scientific and traditional knowledge, as well as the essentials of Anatomy and Physiology.


Along with this, the teacher’s training course for Yoga would ensure that you have a good understanding of the Yogic scriptures like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gherand Samhita, and the Bhagavad Gita. Apart from this, the teacher’s training course would also pass on some unique concepts and techniques to all the students, which were pioneered by Shri Yogendraji, the founder of our Institute.


The Yoga Institute is the best place for Yoga Teacher’s Training in India. The methods and techniques taught over here will help you to advance on the path of Yoga. They will also help in removing the cause of physical illness and mental hurdles. It will shine a light on your path to a calmer, steadier, and more concentrated mind. Being the oldest Yoga institute in the world, we have invested time and effort in research. This has further allowed us to simplify the techniques of Yoga without losing its essence and benefits. We believe in the practical application of yogic ideas in our day-to-day life. Such an approach can only contribute to making our lives better.


The process of learning never ends in this Yoga teacher’s training course. Along with the Sattvik experience and yogic living, this course can re-establish your homeostatic balance. And the treatment of diseases can become a by-product of this new-found yogic life. The Yoga Teacher Training in Raipur is all about finding yourself. And to learn the different aspects of Yoga in a breathtaking setting. That is all that you need to find that perfect harmony within.


We preach only what we practice, that is, the philosophy of Learn, Teach, and Inspire. The Yoga Institute Raipur can definitely help you to bring the best version out of yourself. All this while having a scientific approach and backing. Yoga is the journey that we take to go from the outside world to the true inner world. As they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Take yours today. Take the first step by inquiring about the 200 Hour Yoga teacher’s training course and let it transform your life!

Schedule and Timings

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Part-time Non-residential;

On-Campus classes:- 1PM to 5PM daily. Sundays are holidays.


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Actual Fees:- INR 28,000 (Non-Residential)

Discounted Fees for Raipur Center only;

18,000/- for the course. 

The fees include a student’s handbook and other study material. 


Pre-registration is mandatory to book your seat. Contact to know more:- 9752550490

Upcoming TTC Batches

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1 Aug – 17 Sept 2022

26 Sep – 12 Nov 2022

21 Nov – 7 Jan 2023


*Kindly Note:  Fees once paid are not returnable/refundable or transferable for all programs.